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Symposium Transportation, Parking, and Disabled Access

Please note that visitors without parking permits may not park in the university parking lots on Friday evening prior to 6 p.m. Starting at 6 p.m. parking is available in unreserved spots in Lot 16, on Kincaid Street across from Prince Lucien Campbell Hall. Metered parking on the street during the first hour of the symposium, from 5-6 p.m. Friday, costs only 75 cents and is free after 6 p.m. There are also many non-metered, two-hour spaces on the public streets surrounding the campus. Parking is free all day Saturday in Lot 16, as well as in Lots 6A and 6B across East 11th Avenue from the Robinson Theatre.

It is also very easy to reach the symposium by taking the LTD busses, which generally are equipped with lifts for disabled access. (Please refer to your LTD bus schedule and route map for the particular routes and schedules that serve you.) The University North bus station is located on Kincaid Street and 13th Avenue immediately outside the Lillis Business Complex, right off of the building's main entrance for disabled access. There is a ramp that takes you right into the building, and there are elevators to take you to the second floor where the symposium is held. (There will also be signs pointing your way to the symposium.) The building and all of the rooms are accessible to disabled participants. If you anticipate requiring additional accommodation, please contact Terri Monk well in advance of the event at (541) 346-3194.

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